Student Supplies for Analog and Darkroom Photography Classes

Englewood Camera is the one-stop shop for photography students! Not only do we take care of students with a used 35mm SLR, we warranty our used film cameras for 6-months and will buy the camera back at the end of the semester. Popular models for students include Pentax K1000, Pentax ME Super, Nikon FE, Nikon FM, Minolta X-700, Canon A-1, and Canon A-E1 Program cameras. For more advanced students: check out our great selection of medium format cameras, from such brands as Hasseblad, Mamiya, Pentax and Rolleiflex.

Pentax K1000 Student Camera

In addition to a great selection of film cameras, Englewood Camera stocks most of the items you’ll find on your syllabus, including:

  • Kodak and Ilford professional black and white film
  • Ilford Multigrade RC darkroom paper, in both pearl and glossy finishes
  • Dry mount tissue and mat boards
  • Ilford variable contrast darkroom filters
  • PrintFile archival negative sleeves, print sleeves and storage boxes
  • Negative cleaning supplies
  • Analog camera batteries
  • Yellow and red photographic lens filters

Darkroom Supplies

We offer students 10% off film, printing paper and chemistry for class–unfortunately, this discount does not extend to cameras, lenses, or other hardware. Shop for your student supplies hassle free at Englewood Camera!

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